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Festive Photography Ideas - Photo Advent Calendar. This week we have set you the challenge of taking a photo a day from the 1st December up until Christmas Eve. Carrying out a project like this may sound a bit daunting, you may be worried that as the month passes by you will run out of inspiration. Don't fear. This article will get you in the most festive of creative moods to help you snap away happily until the big day arrives. Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is as follows… Take a single photograph every day from December 1st to December 24th in order to create a Photo Advent Calendar. All of the photographs you take must be of a different subject every day. You can use your mobile phone, DSLR camera or what ever device you wish. When you have taken your photograph simply share it with us on social media by adding the hash-tag #YPWPhotoAdvent and including the date within the post. If you are not part of the social media fraternity but would still like to take part, that is perfectly fine. So, as promised, here are a few ideas to get you off to a great start...
 LOOK TO THE SKIES I think one of the biggest traps us photographers fall into is always looking at things from eye level. Let's face it, it is how we see the world every day. The beauty of photography however, is that it gives us the opportunity to capture things from alternative angles. This means that when people look at the subject of our photograph, they will be looking at it from a new perspective. If they see an everyday object from an angle they are unfamiliar with, suddenly it becomes interesting, engaging and intriguing. BE ABSTRACT Following on from alternative angles showing subjects in a new light, creating abstract photos can also have a similar affect. For the photograph on the right I simply slowed my shutter speed down a little bit and moved the camera as I photographed some Christmas lights. Not only does it look festive, it creates an effect that the human eye finds intriguing because we don't see that effect when we simply look at lights and move our heads. It is amazing what a camera can do! EXPLORE A FAMILIAR ENVIRONMENT How many of us can honestly say we have got our camera out at home to photograph anything other than family or friends? Probably not many. Well now is the time to change all that. As you start to decorate your house, light warming candles, bake those mince pies, get your camera out and start snapping. I am sure you will be amazed at the variety of shots you can achieve. Plus, some will make great home-made Christmas cards for next year! LOOK FOR THE UNUSUAL Let's face it, by the time you get to the middle of December, new subject matter may be getting harder and harder to come by. Sometimes you can find the most surprising inspiration out of nothing. When I undertook this project last year I just happened so walk past a fancy dress shop in the middle of an industrial estate and spotted this friendly bunch. In this country, we get into Christmas in a big way and references to it are everywhere so make use of the most important skill in photography: observation!
This project is not only about making you think a bit more creatively, it is about having fun during the lead up to one of the most happy times of year. We would love to see what you manage to get so, if you can, please share them with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by adding that all important hash-tag #YPWPhotoAdvent. Best of luck!