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5 Undiscovered Photography Locations in North Yorkshire Are you like me in feeling a brainwashed by all of the reproduced photographs of the same Yorkshire locations? (I think I might scream if I see another shot of the sunrise from the top of the 199 steps in Whitby!) If you would like to discover beautiful, untouched gems that are crying out for you and your camera, read on. Yorkshire is the largest county in the country and boasts, not just one but two National Parks, three if we can steal the northern Peak District from Derbyshire. Therefore there are new discoveries to be made around each and every corner. If you type in 'Yorkshire' into Google Images, the majority of shots will be of the well known, well trodden places. Taking photographs of them is all well and good but I am a great believer that photography equals discovery. I just get board with seeing the same places over and over again. Anyway, before this develops from an observation into a full on rant, lets begin. In this article I have tried my best to whittle down a list of Yorkshire locations at which, I hardly ever bump into another person, never mind a fellow snapper. I am calling it my so called 'top five,' although I could probably write an article about my top 100 if we both had the patience and time to get through it. I suppose I have chosen the following places because they are so diverse. You could spend at least a day at each and not get board. What's more, they are all free to access, which for a Yorkshireman like me is always and added bonus!
Posforth Gill is a short, if not a bit hilly walk from Bolton Abbey, one of Yorkshire's most visited attractions. However, how many people leave the beaten track on their way to The Strid and head up the Valley of Desolation, then take the short de-tour into the woods to discover this raging torrent of wonderfulness? I'm guessing not many. Posforth Gill is not only spectacular it is accessible too, allowing you to get right up to the plunge pool to get some terrific shots. So next time you think about following the masses and traipsing round the same old ruins, take a trip to Posforth Gill. 1. POSFORTH GILL WATERFALL
2. HACKFALL OK, maybe Hackfall is a better know undiscovered location but I find it quite a secretive place. Hidden in the Ure Valley in between Ripon and Masham, there is a surprise around every corner. It is always relatively quiet and it looks spectacular what ever the weather and in every season. Personally, I love visiting during the autumn. The view from 'The Ruin,' (actually the only folly at Hackfall that is inhabited so not really a ruin at all!), along the Ure Valley awash with autumn colour, is little short of breathtaking.
If you are into your quaint villages, manor houses and picturesque churches, Newton Kyme is the place for you. It might be one of those places you see a sign to on the main road, and think nothing of it after passing but next time, turn off, park up and get out your camera. Situated in between Boston Spa and Tadcaster on the banks of the River Wharfe, Newton Kyme village boasts a quintessentially scene. Summer is the best time to visit when the gardens of the manor are in full bloom and the sun is making the whole place sing. 3. NEWTON KYME
4. LILLY DALE & MILLINGTON WOOD The whole of the Yorkshire Wolds are more often than not forgotten about by day trippers making their way through them to so called 'more interesting places.' If you are one of these people you are missing out. I could have selected many Wold locations for this article but have decided to stick to Lilly Dale and Millington Wood. In a hidden valley in between the small and beautifully named villages of Millington and Huggate on a single track road, Lilly Dale and Millington Wood offer the whole Yorkshire Wolds experience in one neat little package. Woodland, rolling hills and stunning vistas.
Yorkshire's Coastline is probably one of Yorkshire's most discovered places. Millions of tourists flock to Scarborough, Whitby, Filey and Bridlington every year. However, when I mention Hayburn Wyke the most common response I get is where's that? It is just north of Scarborough, I reply, just off the old Scarbourough to Whitby railway line, now a bridal path. Let's face it, you don't get the chance to photograph a waterfall by the sea very often but that's exactly what you get at Hayburn Wyke. There are some really interesting woods to boot. Great for bluebells! 5. HAYBURN WYKE
I hope this has inspired you to diversify your subject and get off the beaten track next time you are out and about with your camera. If you would like to find out more about these locations here are a few useful links to point you in the right direction. If all else fails drop me an email and I will guide you the best I can. > http://myyorkshiredales.co.uk/water/waterfalls/posforth-gill-falls/ > http://www.hackfall.org.uk > https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newton_Kyme > http://www.visithullandeastyorkshire.com/Pocklington-Millington-Wood/details/?dms=3&venue=2173171 > http://www.top10trails.com/cleveland-way/10