Yorkshire Photo Walks
Photo Walk Schedule Key Every photograph is a new discovery.
How to use the Yorkshire Photo Walk Schedule... Finding a booking the perfect Photo Walk has never been easier. If you use the following information you will never be disappointed.
To help you select a Photo Walk that is perfect for you we split the sessions into 3 categories... 'HOW TO' - These sessions cover a specific technique. The tutor will provide practical tuition in for form of engaging tasks and photo analysis. 'LOCATION SPECIFIC' - These Photo Walks are all about the location. Our professional tutor will be on hand to give you hints, tips and photo analyses to help you capture it's best side. 'EVENT' - These sessions are based upon a specific event. The tuition is usually split between the above formats. More information will be provided in the Photo Walk Fact File. TYPES OF PHOTO WALK...
photography ABILITY levels... Our traffic light system makes it easier to find the perfect Photo Walk...
Beginner sessions are perfect for those getting to grips with camera settings and how to compose good photographs. These sessions push you away from a 'point and shoot' approach towards a more considered, thoughtful way of making photographs.
Intermediate sessions are for people with a good knowledge of how their camera works but require a bit more assistance. These sessions are perfect for those looking for renewed inspiration or a technical confidence boost.
Advanced sessions are for photographers who know how to operate their manually. These Photo Walks usually push participants to explore new, creative avenues.
Our traffic light system makes it easier to find the perfect Photo Walk... PHOTO WALK ACCESSIBILITY...
Easy Photo Walks are usually over flat terrain over relatively short distances of no more than 2 miles. Moderate Photo Walks are up to 3 miles in length with some uneven terrain. Please note that these sessions may include stiles and some steep inclines. Difficult Photo Walks are usually over longer distances with a variety of climbs, stiles and/or rough terrain. We advise that you wear walking boots or sturdy trail shoes for all Photo Walks. We can never rule out the great Yorkshire weather and therefore mud is usually a given. Please pay close attention to the details given in the Photo Walk Fact File when planning your Photo Walk.
BOOKING YOUR PHOTO WALK... Booking a Yorkshire Photo Walk has never been easier. All you have to do is click 'Book Now' and fill out the form, we will do the rest. You should receive a Booking Confirmation email shortly after making your booking. You will then be sent an invoice up to 48 hours before your Photo Walk is due to start. If you do not receive either of these, please contact Yorkshire Photo Walks at the earliest opportunity. For further details about booking your Photo Walk, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.